Kenneth Wilson, ‘The Poetical Cellist’

Hi, I’m Kenneth Wilson. I’ve lived at Ravenbridge since 2009. I restored much of the house, and added the Gallery and the music room (the bedroom with the big balcony), and put in the biomass heating. I built the sauna, and the wooden bridge across the Raven. I’ve planted about 10,000 trees.

I live here because by chance I saw a picture of the house – a view from across the lake – with a “for sale” sign. It seemed too good to be true, and I still think that every day.

It’s important to me to make a personal as well as a political response to the world we live in. Biomass heating, tree-planting, lake-swimming and music are part of that. “What do you do?” is a difficult question to answer satisfactorily, but usually I say something like “I’m a poet and cellist” – I perform as The Poetical Cellist. Like so many things, it’s a work in progress.

I am the author of "Orange Dust: Journeys After the Buddha", and "The Definitions of Kitchen Verbs".


  • all interior photos Lucy Barden
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Photo: Kenneth Wilson, ‘The Poetical Cellist’